ACME Plastics, Inc. - Established Since 1943: Distributor of Plastic Rods, Sheets and Tubings
“The Company That Does Plastics Right”
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Acrylic Polycarbonate PET-G Sheets Expanded PVC Foam Sheet Styrene SheetsCorrugated Plastic Sheets Olefin Phenolics Delrin/Acetal, Nylon & PVC Fluoropolymers
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Your One Stop Plastic Center for any Brand, Shape or Product Engineered to Meet Your Most Rigid Requirements
Acrylic Sheets
Acrylic Shapes
Pre-Cut Acrylic Glazing Sheets
Acrylic Mirror Sheets
Acrylic Non-Glare Sheets
Extruded Acrylic
Cast Acrylic

Polycarbonate, Sheets, Rods & Round Tubing Polycarbonate (Machine Grade) Sheets
Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets

Phenolic Sheets
Phenolic Rods

Brochure Holders
Multi-Compartment Holders
Counter Standing Holders
Wall Mounting Holders

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We are your one stop plastics center for any brand, shape, or product engineered to meet your most rigid requirements. Acme is proud of its engineering heritage, customer service and reliability since 1943. Our huge warehouse and manufacturing facility combined with experienced, caring personnel assure you of the kind of service and price that you need and deserve. Remember, if its plastic it’s at ACME.


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