Our hurricane panels at Acme Plastics are an ideal alternative to metal hurricane shutters or bulky plywood for protection against storm damage. Made with high-impact resistant multiwall polycarbonate sheets, our hurricane panels will not delaminate, rot, or decay like plywood and can be installed well in advance of a storm and left in place after it passes. Offering a sleek, flat surface, our translucent hurricane panels allow high transmission of light and blocks virtually 100% of harmful UV. Available in 16mm and 25mm, they are Miami Dade County approved and are lightweight, easy to install, store, and extremely durable. Are you in need of window covers for storm protection? Contact us for more information about our hurricane panels.

polycarbonate storm panels

Benefits + Uses of Hurricane Panels

Easy to Install: One of the main benefits of our multiwall polycarbonate hurricane panels is that they are easy to install. Normally when you are installing storm shutters you need to ensure that the installation is done by professionals. Unlike metal hurricane shutters, our hurricane panels are flexible and lightweight and therefore easy to install using DIY techniques.

Tolerate Extreme Weather: Our hurricane panels are manufactured to tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions, while maintaining their normal mechanical properties in temperatures ranging from -40C to +120C. This property makes these sheets perfect to use in any kind of weather.

Transmit Heat & Light: Our hurricane panels can transmit a maximum of 80% and a minimum of 25% light, at a significantly low heat transmission level which guarantees the most favorable illumination with utmost comfort.

Safe: Hurricane panels from Acme Plastics are safe in a variety of ways. They are self-extinguishing and do not catch fire, which makes them ideal for window protection for your home. They are not heavy like glass and are easy to lift and install.

Offers Insulation: The overall design of hurricane panels makes them great insulators and are ideal for storm protection for windows.

Other Benefits: Hurricane panels from Acme Plastics are energy efficient and cost effective compared to plywood and metal hurricane shutter alternatives. They also do not yellow or lose light transmission through use.


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