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•Acid, odor and mildew resistant
•Extremely easy to machine
•Excellent resistance to acids, alcohols and bases
•Excellent long term durability
•Great weather resistance
•Abrasion resistant
•Good flexibility and toughness
•Cost effective versus other marine solutions
•UV stabilized
•FDA approved in certain grades
•High impact and tensile strength
•Excellent energy absorption
•Maintains decorative, textured surface
•Retains original colors
•Will not show wear, dirt, or scratches
•Gloss finish
•Easy to clean

•Marine and non-marine walkways, cabinetry, countertops
•Ship and boat components
•Alternative to wood and metal
•Furniture hatches
•Cover rails, trims, and components decorative wood

•Machine shops
•Electronic industries
•Prototype shops
•Marine industry
•Structural components

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