While cast acrylic and plexiglass have excellent physical properties, one of the most beneficial features of acrylic plastic is that it can be manufactured in a range of colors and transparencies. It’s even possible to tint plexiglass with a variety of colors to bring subtle tones into a space. Plexiglass is also moisture resistant and easy to machine with standard woodworking tools, making it ideal for durable retail displays and furniture.

At Acme Plastics, we offer acrylic cast color sheets in the popular colors shown below, as well as acrylic cast white sheets. Keep in mind that the color values shown are simply an approximation, and that your monitor display may affect shades and tones. If you would like to see the exact tones of these plastics, click here or call (800) 293-1991 to request a sample.

In the table below, we may use the following letters to signify the visual properties of the acrylic sheets:

  • O = Opaque - When held to light, one cannot see through the material.
  • L = Translucent - When held to light, it’s possible to see shadows through the material, or the material will otherwise have some degree of light transmission.
  • P = Transparent - When held to light, one can see clearly through the material as if it were glass.

Simply scroll through the list below to see color codes accompanied by an image.



Acrylic 2050L Blue

Blue - Translucent
2050 L

Acrylic 2051 L Blue

Blue - Translucent
2051 L

Acrylic 2069 P Blue

Tinted Blue - Transparent
2069 P

Acrylic 2114 L Blue

Blue - Translucent
2114 L

Acrylic 2424 P Blue

Blue - Transparent
2424 P

Acrylic 2648 L Blue

Blue - Translucent
2648 L

Acrylic 2287 L purple

Violet - Translucent
2287 L



Acrylic 2119 L Orange

Orange - Translucent
2119 L

Acrylic 2157 L Red

Dark Red - Translucent
2157 L

Acrylic 2283 L Red

Red - Translucent
2283 L

Acrylic 2423 P Red

Red - Transparent
2423 P

Acrylic 2793 L Red

Red - Translucent
2793 L

Acrylic 3199 L Red

Pink - Translucent
3199 L



Acrylic 2370 P Brown

Bronze - Transparent
2370 P

Acrylic 2404 P Brown

Light Tinted Bronze - Transparent
2404 P

Acrylic 2414 P bronze

Tinted Bronze - Transparent
2412 P

Acrylic 2418 P Brown

Brown - Opaque
2418 O



Acrylic 2447 L white

White - Translucent
2447 L

Acrylic 7328 L White

White - Translucent
7328 L

Acrylic 7580 O white

White - Opaque
7508 O

Acrylic 2146 O Ivory

Ivory - Opaque
2146 O



Acrylic 2025 O Black Grey

Black - Opaque
2025 O

Acrylic 2064 P grey

Gray - Transparent
2064 P

Acrylic 2074 P grey

Light Gray - Transparent
2074 P



Acrylic 2037 L yellow

Yellow - Translucent
2037 L

Acrylic 2208 P yellow

Yellow - Transparent
2208 P

Acrylic 2422 P amber

Amber - Transparent
2422 P



Acrylic 2092 L green

Green - Translucent
2092 L

Acrylic 2108 L green

Green - Transparent
2108 L

Acrylic 3030 P green

Green Tinted - Transparent
3030 P