Durable. Virtually unbreakable. Affordable.

Easily formable PET-G is both strong and cost-effective as compared to either acrylic or polycarbonate. Its unique characteristics make it preferable for impact resistant glazing and high strength display units. Suitable for digital printing, PET-G lends itself to product materials, displays, and signage. It is NOT suitable for outdoor use.

Fully recyclable like acrylic, PET-G is subject to multiple uses, for food, soft drink, and liquid beverage containers. Thermo- and vacuum formable like acrylic, PET-G tolerates a tremendous amount of pressure without cracking. Naturally clear, PETG takes color easily during processing. It is available injection molded or like acrylic, extruded as sheets.

PET-G's damage resistance is far higher than that of acrylic, to the point that it rivals the impact resistance of Polycarbonate (which has an impact resistance 30 times that of glass). Unlike Polycarbonate however, PET-G fabricates easily, making it an easy material for both DIY practitioners and professional fabricators.