Glowforge®-Compatible Pre-Cut Acrylic Sheets

Attention DIYers, crafters, and entrepreneurs everywhere, Acme Plastics is your resource for Glowforge® pre-cut acrylic sheets. We offer convenient pre-cut 5-pack Glowforge®-compatible acrylic sheets in popular colors at competitive prices. Our cost-friendly, durable, and we dare say attractive 12” x 19” acrylic sheet packs are available in customer-favorite clear, black, white, yellow, blue, green, and red. We also offer extruded acrylic mirror sheets in traditional silver, red, and rose gold. Each Glowforge® sheet is approximately 19” wide x 12” material depth with a tolerance of +/- 1/8”, the maximum material width allowance and well within the 18” maximum material depth allowance for all Glowforge® machinery. Plus, our acrylic sheets accommodate both laser cuts and engraving capabilities.

At Acme Plastics, we cater to the artisan community, whether it is a business, solopreneur, or crafting aficionado, we have the material to suit your need and artistic vision. So, whether you’re a professional artist or a resolute hobbyist, you can be confident in the quality craftsmanship of our cost-efficient pre-cut acrylic sheets to start your next project. Reach out to our team with any questions or for more information. We’ll gladly assist you.

Common Questions about Glowforge®:

Does Glowforge® work on acrylic?

Not only can Glowforge® cut, score, and engrave acrylic, but it can be used with many different materials. In addition to acrylic, popular material used with the laser printer includes wood, fabric, leather, and rubber. It can also be used to engrave glass, coated metal, marble, and more.

What size acrylic sheets do you need with Glowforge®?

The printer can accommodate materials measuring up to 12 x 20.4 inches. The Glowforge® Pro’s Passthrough slot can handle a sheet of acrylic that measures up to 20.4 inches wide, ¼ inches thick, and up to any length. For thicker materials (up to 2 inches) you can remove the unit’s crumb tray to allow it to fit.

What kind of acrylic can you use with Glowforge®?

Using the wrong material may damage the printer. The material used in the Glowforge® needs to be laser compatible. Both extruded and cast acryiic can be used in the printer. While both can be laser cut, extruded acrylic cuts cleanly but may form a flame-polished edge. Cast is recommended for engraving since it results in a frosted look whereas the engraving on extruded acrylic is clear.

How thick of acrylic can Glowforge® cut?

Glowforge® can cut a ½-inch thick acrylic sheet, but it may require multiple passes or flipping the sheet over to complete the cut. Acrylic sheets that are ¼-inch thick or less can easily be cut in a single pass.

Do you mask acrylic in Glowforge®?

It might make sense to leave the mask on an acrylic sheet for protection—especially when laser cutting or scoring. The paper mask helps protect the acrylic from scratches and may also help reduce burn marks on your project. Also, if you’re lightly engraving acrylic, you might consider leaving the mask on the acrylic sheet protection as well.

Is Glowforge® acrylic food-safe?

As with anything made with acrylic, items made with the Glowforge® are food safe. You can confidently use acrylics in a Glowforge® to create dishes, bowls, or other serving pieces. It’s important to know that they are should not be used to heat or serve hot foods as the heat can damage the acrylic and release toxin into the food.