Glowforge®-Compatible 12

Glowforge®-Compatible 12" x 19" x 1/8" Blue Acrylic Sheets - 5 Pack



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Artisans, crafters, and DIYers now have a competitively priced materials outlet for their artwork. Acme Plastics proudly offers popular-sized Glowforge®-compatible 12" x 19" acrylic sheets for practically every project. Cast colors are available in clear, black, white, yellow, blue, green, and red. Extruded mirror options include silver mirror, red mirror, and rose gold mirror. Each sheet is approximately 19" wide x 12" material depth with a tolerance of +/- 1/8", the maximum material width allowance and well within the 18" maximum material depth allowance for all Glowforge® machinery. Our quality acrylic sheets have always been a favorite of artisans due to the superiority and reliability of our products. Additionally, our quality acrylic sheets accommodate both laser cuts and engraving capabilities. Why spend more, when Acme Plastics provides pre-cut quality acrylic sheets and Glowforge®-compatible materials in a variety of colors at competitive prices? Spend less, save more, and create beautiful artwork and merchandise worthy of your vision. Contact us with any questions. We'll gladly assist you.
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