Acrylic Sheet 4’ x 8’ / 48” x 96”

Extruded Acrylic PET-G Pre-cut sheet 3-packs  

About Our 4' x 8' / 48" x 96" Acrylic Sheets

Our 4 x 8 Acrylic Sheets are transparent, moisture resistant, and half the weight of glass, despite being 17 times stronger. If you are looking to work with a more versatile plastic that can be easily shaped, machined and laser-cut, clear cast is a better alternative than extruded alternative, due to its higher molecular weight. Choose these 4 x 8 Acrylic Sheets if you are looking to construct aquariums, POP displays, acrylic furniture, trade showpieces or even retail accessories.


Acme Plastics’ 4 x 8 Feet Acrylic Sheets are available in a wide range of thicknesses.