Acrylic Sheets

Extruded and cast acrylic sheets and panels are available in stock and ready to ship. Order online at wholesale prices.

Select a product and size from our assorted acrylic/plexiglass options to view bulk volume pricing.

Durable and adaptable, Acme Plastics’ expansive selection of clear and colored acrylic sheets (plexiglass, lucite, plastic glass) have roughly 17 times the impact resistance of glass. Easily machinable, they can be hand, flame, or machine polished, bond well, have a shiny glass-like appearance, are suitable for printing, and cost-effective vs. glass or polycarbonate. Clear, black, white, bullet-resistant, mirrored, non-glare, matte finish, UV filtering, or sandblasted (frosted)  acrylic sheets are available. 

Shop for products from .06” to 4” in thickness. In-stock acrylic panels range in size from 24”x48” to 80”x120.” We carry sheets from Arkema Plexiglas, Evonik Cyro Acrylite, Lucite International, Plaskolite Optix, as well as other brands.