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• 265° F continuous use temperature
• Lightweight and durable
• Excellent UV resistance
• Low moisture absorption
• High dielectric strength
• Superior electrical properties
• Easily machined and fabricated
• High clarity and light transmission
• High impact resistance- virtually unbreakable
• Glass fiber filed grades for improved strength and stiffness
• Wide range operating temperatures (-40° F to 280° F)

Dimension Information:
Please contact us if you have tighter dimension tolerance requirements than our standard tolerances listed below.
Due to manufacturing and cutting tolerances, sheet length and width may vary by +/- 1/4".
Polycarbonate sheet thickness tolerances are +/- 10% and can vary throughout the sheet, but variations are typically less than 5%. Please refer to nominal and actual sheet thicknesses below. 0.03" = 0.75mm
0.04" = 1mm
0.06" = 1.5mm
0.08" = 2mm
0.09" = 2.3mm
1/8" = 3mm = 0.118"
3/16" = 4.5mm = 0.177"
1/4" = 5.5mm = 0.217"
3/8" = 9mm = 0.354"
1/2" = 12mm = 0.472"

• Compact Disks, DVDs, and Blue-ray Discs
• Bullet Resistant “Glass”
• Lenses (including eyewear)
• High temperature and pressure windows
• Face shields
• Industrial equipment and housing components
• Medical equipment components
• Instrument components
• Electrical insulators and connectors
• Aircraft & Missile components
• Portholes in pressure chambers
• Jet pump impellers and diffusers
• Automotive parts
• Card guides
• Assembly line cogs

•Aircraft and aerospace
•Fluid handling
•Electrical and electronics products
•Business machines
•Sign display

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