The Applicational Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets

When it comes to surpassing the initial strength and durability of a sheet of plastic, a polycarbonate sheet is a good place to start. Polycarbonate sheets offer more strength than standard plastic and are more durable than glass, making them ideal for a wide array of applications. Let’s take a look at some of the key applicational benefits of polycarbonate sheets.

Polycarbonate Sheets Can be Moldable

Whether you’re using a polycarbonate sheet for a roof, window, or another project, a polycarbonate sheet can be the answer to your malleability concerns. Unlike other types of plastic, polycarbonate can be molded for any use and it retains its durability. This means that it can suit a wide variety of applications and can be molded to fit your specific project’s needs.

Polycarbonate Sheets are Naturally Strong and Impact Resistant

A polycarbonate sheet may be lightweight, but don’t be fooled, this material is incredibly strong. Although it is lighter than glass, it is nearly impossible to break. For this reason, it is commonly used for materials such as eyeglasses, or used as impact-resistant or bullet-resistant windows in areas where security is a primary concern, such as banks and drive-thrus.

Polycarbonate Sheets Offer Natural Light

Similar to glass, a polycarbonate sheet can allow access to natural light with half the weight. For this reason, they are often used in building projects, such as greenhouses where illumination is of paramount importance.

Polycarbonate Sheet Windows in a Greenhouse

Polycarbonate is Heat-Resistant

Polycarbonate is naturally heat-resistant, and it can be combined with flame retardant materials without significant material degradation. Because of this, it is ideal construction and engineering projects where safety is a priority and flammability may be a concern.

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Polycarbonate Sheets are Resistant to Ultraviolet Light

Polycarbonate is naturally resistant to ultraviolet light. For this reason, it is preferred in applications, such as eyeglasses, where the eyes benefit from being shielded from harmful rays. In addition, protection from ultraviolet rays may be necessary for certain living spaces, making polycarbonate plastic an ideal alternative to glass.

Polycarbonate Can be Colored

Depending on the need, a polycarbonate sheet may be colored to match an existing design. While it can come in a traditional clear glass-like shade, it can also be made to be opaque for better coverage or better resistance to sunlight.

Polycarbonate is Ideal for Insulation

Compared to glass, plastic, in general, has better insulation properties, and polycarbonate is no different. Less heat is lost through polycarbonate material compared to glass. For this reason, it is ideal for structures such as greenhouses, which often require levels of heat retention.

Polycarbonate Sheets Can Be Easy to Install

Because it’s malleable, a polycarbonate sheet can be made to fit any application. This ultimately makes it easier and quicker to install than other options on the market, making it ideal for applications such as roofing panels.

Final Thoughts

There are several benefits of utilizing polycarbonate, many of which fly under the radar due to the prominence of glass. This plastic should not be overlooked, with its ultraviolet ray resistance, strength, and malleability, polycarbonate is a material that can be applied in a wide range of use cases with results superior to glass.