Acrylic Mirror vs. Glass Mirror: Which Is Better?

It’s a common misconception amongst many people that glass mirrors are better than acrylic, simply because they are more well-known. However, many consumers do not even realize that mirrors within their own home and offices are actually manufactured from acrylic. Not only are acrylic mirrors equal to glass mirrors, but they also have a plethora of advantages over their glass counterparts. Here, we will discuss the key differences between acrylic mirror sheets and glass mirrors, advantages and disadvantages of both acrylic and glass mirrors and ultimately which type of mirror you should use for your next project.


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5 Plexiglass Use Cases in Manufacturing

Plexiglass sheets can be utilized in a multitude of ways in the manufacturing industry. Plexiglass is a versatile material that can do everything from protecting manufacturing workers by providing them with a durable, shatter-resistant plastic to make vital products that may help increase productivity and safeguard public health. Plexiglass sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses and is commonly sold in sheets, rods and tubes. One of the most stand out qualities that it offers is its versatility and moldability to fit nearly any application, which is vital in the manufacturing industry. According to piedmontplastics, “Whether you’re manufacturing need requires strength, longevity, or clarity, plexiglass offers numerous advantages over other materials. High among those advantages is its versatility in that it is featured in multiple applications.” In the blog post below, we will explore so the most common use cases for PLEXIGLASS within the manufacturing industry and how plexiglass can offer a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for your next project. Continue reading 5 Plexiglass Use Cases in Manufacturing