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  • Dozens of color options and variations
  • More impact resistance than glass
  • Low water absorption
  • Good electrical resistivity
  • Good UV resistance

Dimension Information:
Please contact us if you have tighter dimension tolerance requirements than our standard tolerances listed below.
Due to manufacturing and cutting tolerances, sheet length and width may vary by +/- 1/4".
Acrylic mirror sheet thickness tolerances are +/- 10% and can vary throughout the sheet, but variations are typically less than 5%. Please refer to nominal and actual sheet thicknesses below.
0.06” = 1.5mm
0.08” = 2mm
1/8" = 3mm = 0.118"
3/16" = 4.5mm = 0.177"
1/4" = 5.5mm = 0.217"

Color Information:
Acrylic mirror sheet colors are available in a variety of colors including:
Clear Acrylic, Black, Blue, Bronze, Green, Gold, Orange, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, and Yellow.

For more color options please refer to our cut-to-size color cast acrylic sheets.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the flexible and distorted reflective nature of acrylic mirror material, it is not recommended that large acrylic mirror sheets or acrylic mirror products be used as a replacement or substitution for glass mirror when optimal proportionality and clarity is necessary or required.
  • Hotel Bars
  • Suspended Sculptures
  • Illuminated Booth Wall
  • Signage in Retail
  • Architectural
  • Art & Design
  • Exhibit/ Trade Show
  • Framing
  • Furniture/ Accessories
  • Inter Retail Architecture
  • Lighting
  • P-O-P Displays/ Store Fixture
  • Signage
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