Acme Plastics' multiwall polycarbonate panels are lightweight and durable, ideal for pergola roof applications. Our most popular option is the 10mm (3/8" thickness) twinwall polycarbonate sheets in clear and bronze. These two color options allow you to control the amount of light transmission while providing maximum UV protection. The 10mm twinwall polycarbonate panels are available as in-stock items.

Lightweight and flexible, Acme Plastics' multiwall polycarbonate panels are easy to install, making them a popular choice with contractors. Are you in need of roofing panels for your pergola? Contact us for more information about our multiwall polycarbonate pergola roof panels.

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Benefits + Uses of Polycarbonate Pergola Roof Panels

Easy to Install: One of the main benefits of our multiwall polycarbonate pergola roof panels is that they are easy to install. Unlike wood & metal roof panels, our polycarbonate pergola roof panels are flexible and lightweight, making installation easy.

Tolerate Extreme Weather: Our pergola roof panels are manufactured to tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions, while maintaining their normal mechanical properties in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C. This property makes these sheets perfect to use in any kind of weather.

Transmit Heat & Light: Our pergola roof panels can transmit a maximum of 80% and a minimum of 25% light, at a significantly low heat transmission level which guarantees the most favorable illumination with utmost comfort.

UV Protection: Pergola roof panels from Acme Plastics allow high transmission of light and blocks harmful UV rays.

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