*All services may not be available for all materials. Certain restrictions apply. Contact customer service with any inquiries.

Acme Plastics offers custom part fabrication and cutting services for any shape or size. Our experienced team of engineers, machine operators and fabricators can create anything you need with our top of the line equipment. We offer CNC routing, laser cutting, digital printing, and much more. Contact us today for a quote on your project.
Remember...if it’s plastic, it’s at ACME!

Cut to Size: Acme Plastics can cut most of the materials found on our website to your size specifications. Acme can cut sheets up to 12 feet and rods and tubes of any diameter. We cut acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, polypropylene, and much more. We utilize multiple computer controlled horizontal panel saws with automated loading to cut our materials. These machines are automatically fed, resulting in high throughput. Our machines are thus able to cut thousands of pieces with high-dimensional accuracy in a quick and controlled manner. This is perfect for rush orders and delivering large orders to our customers in a timely fashion.

Product and Material Shaping: Laser Cutting: Laser cutting provides the ability to create fine details, curvatures, and complex shapes out of various materials and cut them to any form desired. Acme Plastics offers laser cutting of multiple materials including: plastics, such as acrylic, along with MDF, stainless steel, and cold rolled steel. Another advantage of laser cutting is that this process leaves the product with a beautiful, polished edge on all clear plastics. We can also do laser engraving at any number of depths, from 1/10,000 of an inch to 1/32 of an inch, on acrylic, ABS, aluminum, wood, steel, and stainless steel.

CNC Routing: Numerous geometric shapes and curves can be achieved in varying materials through the use of our CNC Routing methods. This serves as an advantage when more than simple straight, linear cuts are needed. CNC Routing is unique from laser and other types of cutting processes in that dimensional work can be offered through this type of service. Acme Plastics can perform CNC Routing on sheet sizes up to 5 feet by 10 feet and on any plastic, as well as on aluminum and many types of wood.

Diamond Polishing: Once Acme’s parts and products have been cut, diamond polishing adds a shiny luster to the edges of the material. This process consists of diamonds rotating at a high speed, over the surface of the material.

Diamond Polishing and Buffing: Diamond polishing often goes hand-in-hand with a buffing process. This buffing process, done after the polishing process has been completed gives the edges an even higher quality, polished finish. Flame Polishing: Flame polishing creates a beautiful finish and shine on Acme’s products. Flame polishing is done through the utilization of a high temperature flame, which is passed over the surface of the material to create a smooth shine. This process creates an even finish and a polished, clear look.

Hand Polishing: For any products that have dimensions beyond those which lend themselves to diamond or flame polishing, Acme Plastics is able to have these products hand polished and buffed to an exquisite quality.

3D Rapid Prototyping: Acme Plastics is utilizing 3D Rapid Prototyping (3D printing) to create prototypes of many different concepts, projects, and items that will be made in our facility. Acme’s team operates multiple 3D printing machines which use various types of material to create prototypes. For example, our FDM (fused deposition modeling) machine creates prototypes and parts made up of PLA, ABS, PETG or PC plastic, while other machines we use create prototypes out of resin. Utilizing this technology allows our team to make samples of items that require heavy tooling or that need to be seen in detail before the fabrication process begins. This process can be used to create molds for vacuum forming as well. Additionally, Acme can make use of this unique equipment to create prototypes and parts for your company. Even if you have an intricate or uniquely shaped piece you would like us to create or reverse engineer for you, our 3D scanning capabilities can do just that. All of these technological advances help to create prototypes, pieces, and parts that you can use in any number of ways. The maximum capacity for our 3D printing machinery is 39” x 39” x 19”.

Digital Printing: Acme Plastics utilizes a cutting-edge, modern version of silk screening, called digital printing. This type of printing allows for 8 foot by 4 foot sheets, up to 2 inches thick, to be printed on directly. Digital printing provides all of the benefits of silk screening, plus a greater array of vivid colors and with a much faster turn-around. Digital printing applies ink directly to the flat surface of any number of materials, including, but not limited to: acrylic, vinyl, plastic, glass, metal, and even fabric. The digital printing process cuts out any post processing because the material is cured with a UV light during the printing process. Photographs can even be printed on a great deal of materials using digital printing. Digital printing is often used to create different types of signage, branding logos, and many other products because of the excellent resolution it produces.

UV Curing: Acme Plastics’ UV curing and bonding capabilities make certain that our products have a tight bond and seal, guaranteeing durability and strength. UV Curing allows for a solid bond between acrylic materials to form immediately through a reaction between the UV light rays and the UV adhesive. This tough, smooth adhesive also allows for beautiful aesthetics, ensuring minimal bubbling and even seals. UV curing allows for a bond that is vibration, thermal, and exposure resistant. This is due to its encapsulation characteristics, along with its strong bonding capabilities. This curing process is specifically utilized for the bonding of acrylic materials. Chemical gluing, which Acme also offers, can be used on various materials. This gluing process allows for an instant bond and has strong, durable hold on a range of materials. Chemical bonding creates a tough, long-lasting, resilient bond, which makes it fantastic for creating stable, durable, and top quality products, like Acme’s.