Overview: At Acme Plastics we offer custom fabrication for a variety of plastic sheet materials and shapes. We specialize in cut-to-size acrylic sheets and are always happy to work with you to meet your specific requirements. From industrial prototyping and sampling to digital UV printing, we serve a wide-range of industries including POP display, marine, restaurant, construction, sign making, home, DIY and so much more. Let our in-house team of designers and engineers guide you through the manufacturing process from inception to production for all your project needs.

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Cut-to-Size: Our team at Acme Plastics have a wide-selection of plastic including acrylic, polycarbonate, and HDPE that we can cut to your exact size specifications. We can cut sheets up to 12 feet and rods and tubes of any diameter. Learn more about our plastic cut-to-size capabilities.

CNC Routing: Numerous geometric shapes and curves can be achieved in various plastic materials by using our CNC routing methods. This serves as an advantage when more than simple straight, linear cuts are needed. Acme Plastics can perform CNC routing on sheet sizes up to 5 feet by 10 feet on any plastic. For more information on CNC routing services, contact us.

Digital UV Printing: Acme Plastics utilizes a cutting-edge, wide-format digital UV printer that can produce a diverse range of prints on a variety of plastic materials. The flatbed design of our UV printer allows our team to produce high-quality prints on rigid substrates. Discover more about our digital UV printing for plastics.

Laser Cutting: Laser cutting provides the ability to create fine details, curvatures, and complex shapes out of various plastics and can cut them to any desired form. Our team at Acme Plastics specializes in acrylic laser cutting.

Line Bending: Line bending is a process used to bend plastics in a straight line. The line bending process involves heating the plastic material along a line, using a heating element. The plastic softens as it heats, allowing it to be bent. For more information on plastic line bending services, contact us.

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Edge Polishing & Beveling: Acme Plastics offers a variety of edge polishing and beveling for a finished look to your product. Learn more about our plastic edge polishing and beveling techniques.

Prototyping & Sampling: Our team of engineers and designers can fabricate various kinds of plastic prototypes and design samples to help you bring your vision to life. We have multiple 3D printing machines that can print up to 20” x 20” x 20”, much larger than the average model size to help accommodate your ideas and needs. We can also provide vacuum forming and injection modeling services for bulk orders and large roll outs. Even if you have an intricate or uniquely shaped piece you would like us to create or reverse engineer, our team can do just that. Have an idea? Contact us today.

Fabrication & Assembly: Acme Plastics is here to help you take your product from the fabrication and assembly phase all the way to production. We have modern, specialized machines along with a skilled team that efficiently execute complex jobs. Our fabrication and assembly process includes concept design, fabrication production and prototype, assembly, presentation, and production.

Bonding Acrylic: At Acme Plastics we use a solvent-type bonding agent for bonding plexiglass that chemically welds surfaces together. It produces clean, optically transparent cemented joints that result in a beautiful end-product.

UV Bonding: Our team at Acme also offers UV bonding, a light curable, high-strength adhesive that welds together our acrylic products and produces the most optically clear, brilliant results compared to any other type of acrylic bonding.

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