Recycling Polycarbonate: How, Why & Where

Acme Plastics polycarbonate panels and sheets provide a strong and lightweight option for a variety of uses and applications.  Continued environmental concerns surrounding synthetic plastics often leave customers with hesitation about investing in polycarbonate panels and sheets. The good news is some polycarbonate plastic panels are 100% recyclable, allowing you to be eco-friendly in your use. Below we will explore the details of how, why, and where to recycle your polycarbonate panels and sheets and how they actually are an environmentally responsible purchase after all!


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Everything You Need to Know About Recycled Acrylic

At Acme Plastics, we offer recycled plexiglass as a green alternative to plexiglass and standard acrylic. Our eco-conscious offering of Acrylite proTerra, the recycled acrylic line of Acrylite by Röehm, is versatile and can be used in a variety of display setups. There are a multitude of advantages working with Acrylite proTerra that may not be as obvious when compared to competing materials like glass or other plastics. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the numerous benefits of recycled plexiglass and how it can enhance your next project.

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Why Recycled Plastic is Becoming the Hottest Building Material in Construction

It is a known truth that plastic more times than not gets a bad wrap (pun totally intended) because of pollution caused by single-use plastic and a lack of recycling infrastructure. However, recycled plastic has many benefits in the construction industry. By using recycled plastic, construction companies can save money, while also increasing sustainability because recycled plastic consumes less heat and energy than other building materials. It also gives plastic a new life beyond the landfill, which contributes to the circular economy. According to, “Plastic is the perfect building material, “It is cheap to convert into building materials, available and easy to mold.” The material is durable, waterproof, and insulating, making it suitable for building in many different types of climates.” In the blog post we will explore the many benefits of using recycled plastic in the construction industry and ways that it can be utilized in a variety of building projects.

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