Recycling Polycarbonate: How, Why & Where

Acme Plastics polycarbonate panels and sheets provide a strong and lightweight option for a variety of uses and applications.  Continued environmental concerns surrounding synthetic plastics often leave customers with hesitation about investing in polycarbonate panels and sheets. The good news is some polycarbonate plastic panels are 100% recyclable, allowing you to be eco-friendly in your use. Below we will explore the details of how, why, and where to recycle your polycarbonate panels and sheets and how they actually are an environmentally responsible purchase after all!


Is Polycarbonate Recyclable?

How Is Polycarbonate Recycled? 

Polycarbonate panels are made with intrinsic qualities that allow it to be a sustainable material with a minimal negative impact on our earth and environment. In fact, it is completely recyclable at the end of its use like many other recyclable plastics. It can be recycled through two major methods: melting and shredding for it to keep its initial integrity and be reused effectively and efficiently.


It is easy to melt polycarbonate and polycarbonate panels for recycling purposes with chemicals that react with them.  When it is melted with these said chemicals it turns into a molten material and this molten can take unique shapes and be repurposed several times. This is a key characteristic of polycarbonate that makes it ideal for recycling.


Another common method of recycling polycarbonate panels and sheets is to sort them based on their type, size, or thickness and place them in a shredder machine. After the polycarbonate panels have been shredded they are turned into granulation and are ready for manufacturers to reuse and manufacture new polycarbonate panels and sheets again.

Where Do You Recycle Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate panels and sheets can be recycled at certain industry-specific locations such as buyback programs at manufacturers. There are also niche recycling centers that work with manufacturers and suppliers that will break down plastic items to then support their repurposing.

Reusing Polycarbonate

There are various ways to reuse polycarbonate panels and sheets. From industrial uses to creative decorative DIY projects, polycarbonate is a very dynamic plastic product. From greenhouse walls, fences, bullet-resistant windows, and homemade tiles to flowerpots and cd coasters reusing polycarbonate panels and sheets is in your best interest and the environment’s best interest to boot!

Acme Now Offers Recycled Acrylite®!

In addition to all the benefits that come with recycled polycarbonate, at Acme Plastics we now offer a line of recycled Acrylite proTerra too.  Composed of approximately 90 percent reused acrylic glass, this environmentally conscious line is versatile, weather-resistant, and stronger and lighter than its glass counterparts. The co-extruded material boasts impressive qualities that cannot be found in comparable materials and its glass-like clarity offers a lustrous gloss that is also impermeable to UV radiation. Easy to work with,  Acrylite proTerra is versatile and easy to glue. Inquire with our team of plastic experts about Acrylite proTerra for your next project!


Are you interested in finding out more about recycled polycarbonate options for your next project? Contact our team of plastic experts and discuss your options today!