Greenhouse Market Growth: What to Expect & How to Stay Ahead of the Trends

The Global Greenhouse market is expected to grow between 2023 and 2029. Staying ahead of the trends, specifically advancing technology, provides a lot of opportunities for horticulture enthusiasts. In the article below we will explore the current state of the greenhouse market, future predictions, and the benefits of using polycarbonate and acrylic greenhouse plastic when building your next greenhouse project.  

Current State of Greenhouse Market


According to, “The global greenhouse market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period over the next six years.” The market in North America and Europe is expected to grow considerably because of supply and chain issues, particularly within produce, flowers, nursery crops, and cannabis we have experienced since the impacts of COVID-19

What Drives Expected Growth with Greenhouses?


There are a lot of ways we have had to adapt to the new way of the world since being in a pandemic. Supply chain issues are one of the lingering repercussions of these dramatic changes to modern society. However, despite these changes, the rising adoption of fruit, vegetables, flowers, and nursery crops continues to drive greenhouse market growth.


Important Considerations When Building a Greenhouse:

More people are building greenhouses due to supply chain issues and the negative impacts experienced since COVID-19. Here are some key factors to consider when building your next greenhouse:


In addition to automation technology which can help save money over time, new technology in both hydroponics and hemp production is essential to consider when planning for your greenhouse. Grow equipment such as controllers, lighting, and proper ventilation equipment will be key in keeping your plants and crops healthy within your thriving greenhouse walls.


According to, “For many growers, versatility is determined by the ability to change crop mixes, and by being able to efficiently ventilate the greenhouses, whether naturally or mechanically.” Using polycarbonate panels or acrylic panels can help you dynamically build your greenhouse with taller sidewalls that can make for healthier plants and crops.

Choosing The Right Materials

When building your greenhouse ensure you are constructing it with the appropriate greenhouse plastics for long-lasting success within its walls. Both acrylic and polycarbonate plastic are great choices for your greenhouse plastic and offer a noteworthy number of benefits when compared to other comparable materials. Both plastics are resilient materials in comparison to their glass counterparts. Acrylic is a less expensive alternative to polycarbonate, but polycarbonate is stronger and better able to withstand heat and UV rays.

More Benefits of Using Polycarbonate & Acrylic Greenhouse Panels


Both polycarbonate and acrylic greenhouse plastics are more shatter-resistant when compared to their glass counterparts. However, polycarbonate panels are stronger and more durable than acrylic panels if your greenhouse plastic should have to withstand severe, unpredictable weather conditions.


Even if severe weather conditions are not a typical concern for you, polycarbonate and acrylic panels last longer than glass every time. Both acrylic and polycarbonate panels are durable, strong, and can be easily replaced without the help of a contractor—hence saving you time and money.

Better Insulation:

Greenhouses are built to keep plants warm and promote fast and longer growth for all the plants, flowers, and crops inside them.  Polycarbonate and acrylic greenhouse plastic create heat and retain it much longer than glass. This intrinsic insulative quality of such greenhouse plastic helps to avoid “cold spots” that glass often creates.

Does Not Yellow:

Unlike glass, exposure to sunlight does not compromise the quality of acrylic and polycarbonate greenhouse plastic. It will keep its clear, transparent luster and not diminish or yellow for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

Looking to build a greenhouse and need help with choosing the right greenhouse plastic? Contact our team of experts at Acme Plastics to determine what type of greenhouse plastic is a suitable fit for your next project.