Why Recycled Plastic is Becoming the Hottest Building Material in Construction

It is a known truth that plastic more times than not gets a bad wrap (pun totally intended) because of pollution caused by single-use plastic and a lack of recycling infrastructure. However, recycled plastic has many benefits in the construction industry. By using recycled plastic, construction companies can save money, while also increasing sustainability because recycled plastic consumes less heat and energy than other building materials. It also gives plastic a new life beyond the landfill, which contributes to the circular economy. According to worldgbc.org, “Plastic is the perfect building material, “It is cheap to convert into building materials, available and easy to mold.” The material is durable, waterproof, and insulating, making it suitable for building in many different types of climates.” In the blog post we will explore the many benefits of using recycled plastic in the construction industry and ways that it can be utilized in a variety of building projects.

Saves Energy

There are a multitude of ways using recycled plastic can save energy when it comes to construction. For instance, lumber made from recycled plastics and plastic-wood can outlast their traditional material counterparts and requires less maintenance. This type of recycled material is resistant to weathering, requiring less material over time, which saves energy and contributes to a positive carbon footprint.

Cost Effective

On top of recycled plastics being environmentally responsible and making a positive impact on earth, it is also a cost-effective material option for construction projects everywhere. In-fact, according to shiniusa.com, “When recycled plastic is blended with virgin plastic, costs can be lowered because there is a lower amount of brand-new plastic being used and produced. Using recycled plastic can also help save on the costs of other materials, such as wood and slate.”

Easy to Mold

Recycled plastics are strong, durable, waterproof, lightweight and easy to mold which are all essential properties for construction materials. Having this type of malleability is key in construction. According to nbplastics.com, “Not only can plastic manufacturers recycle waste once destined for the dump, but polypropylene-rich materials can be recovered from the environment, in areas such as streams and rivers, and further cleaned and reused. Believe it or not, plastic injection molding can be a valuable component in efforts to clean up nature. Plastic manufacturing recycling has extensive applications in resource-intensive industries as well, such as agriculture, packaging, and automotive.”

Consumes Less Heat and Electricity Than Other Building Materials

Studies have shown that recycling plastic waste saves more energy and utilizes less electricity than other choice building materials such as wood, metal, and glass. Extracting and processing these raw resources to make useable materials requires a lot of energy and is harmful to our environment. Simply by reducing the need to extract fossil fuel and process it into new plastic, we give back to our environment and support our circular economy.

Why Acrylite® proTerra?

Incorporating recycled plastic in construction and building applications is easy given the material’s characteristics, but where do you start? Acme Plastics has an answer. Resource-efficient and responsibly manufactured, Acrylite® proTerra at Acme Plastics, is an environmentally friendly recycled plastic option to your acrylic sheet construction needs. It is sustainably produced, high-quality acrylic glass. This environmentally friendly material is available in the form of clear solid sheets. Acrylite® proTerra opens a multitude design possibilities for countless applications such as in exhibition booth construction and shop-fitting – in all instances where saving resources is important. Have a question? Contact us, we are here to assist you.