Everything You Need to Know About Recycled Acrylic

At Acme Plastics, we offer recycled plexiglass as a green alternative to plexiglass and standard acrylic. Our eco-conscious offering of Acrylite proTerra, the recycled acrylic line of Acrylite by Röehm, is versatile and can be used in a variety of display setups. There are a multitude of advantages working with Acrylite proTerra that may not be as obvious when compared to competing materials like glass or other plastics. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the numerous benefits of recycled plexiglass and how it can enhance your next project.

What is Recycled Plexiglass?

Recycled plexiglass such as Acrylite proTerra has the same durable qualities as virgin plexiglass. Both sturdy plastics have the same mechanical and physical properties as traditional virgin plexiglass. However, recycled plexiglass products are produced with synthetic monomer methyl methacrylate, which makes them free of off gases like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Advantages of Using Recycled Acrylic (Plexiglass) Plastic Sheets

There are many benefits for using recycled acrylic like Acrylite proTerra. It is a durable and safe choice for exterior applications due to its contribution to saving resources and preventing CO2 emissions as compared to other leading materials. It is easy to recycle as it is not hazardous and can be easily broken down. Unlike some of its competitors, recycled plexiglass is an environmentally responsible product that does not contain acutely toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic harsh chemicals—making it a safer option for those working with the material. Recycled acrylic like popular Acrylite proTerra is also weather and aging-resistant, can withstand hard rain, hail, stormy weather conditions, and is break-resistant so that it can remain intact for years to come.

Recycled Plexiglass Use Cases

Create custom windowpanes

Use recycled plexiglass to upgrade or replace windowpanes in home or office spaces. Visit your local hardware store and ask to cut the recycled plexiglass with a saw or scissors to fit the old frames and recycle any extra material from the DIY project to continue its eco-friendly lifecycle.

Use a recycled plexiglass tabletop for patio furniture

It’s easy to repurpose recycled plexiglass pieces for patio furniture. According to ecomasteryproject.com, “For a tabletop to place on top of your patio furniture, cut a piece of plexiglass that is the same size as your table or bench. You should be able to find pre-cut pieces at most hardware stores.” Recycled plexiglass is a great option for your patio as it is environmentally friendly and weather-resistant, providing sustainability and durability.

Create sustainable coasters for drinks

Another clever and eco-responsible idea is to repurpose recycled plexiglass for creative coasters. Utilize leftover scraps of recycled plexiglass to make conversation-starter coasters. Simply take the recycled plexiglass, cut equal-size squares, and adhere self-adhesive non-slips pads to the bottom.


Recycled Plexiglass FAQ’s

Can plexiglass be made from recycled plastic?

Yes, plexiglass products can be broken down into their original components using chemical recycling to create new sheets, tubes, rods while still maintaining the same durability.

What can I do with scrap plexiglass?

There are a variety of ways to repurpose scrap recycled plexiglass. From making home décor items like coasters and trivets to crafting DIY jewelry, vases, and eye-catching artwork. There are infinite ways to get creative with leftover recycled plexiglass from your latest projects, either incorporate the remnants in your other DIY projects or donate them to artisans and craftspeople. They’ll welcome the material.

Are acrylic sheets and plexiglass the same thing?

Yes, acrylic sheets and plexiglass sheets are interchangeable terms.

What is a good substitute for plexiglass?

A viable substitute for plexiglass is polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate sheets offer high light transmission and durability. They are also weather-resistant and break-resistant when compared to glass.

Which is better: plexiglass or acrylic?

There is no difference between plexiglass and acrylic. This is because acrylic is the usual abbreviation for polymethyl methacrylate, and Acrylite is just one of many well-known brand names of acrylic plastic. Over time this popular brand name has become synonymous with generic ‘plexiglass, which is also known as acrylic and Lucite. Acrylite is also known for the leading recycled acrylic, Acrylite proTerra.

Final Thoughts 

Looking for recycled plexiglass for your next project? There are numerous ways that recycled plexiglass acrylic like Acrylite proTerra can be used in applications. Contact us with any questions or for more information. We’ll gladly assist you.