Cut-to-Size Acrylic Non-Glare P99 Frame Grade Clear Sheet

Cut-to-Size Acrylic Non-Glare P99 Frame Grade Clear Sheet


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Our Cut-to-Size Acrylic Non-Glare P99 Frame Grade Clear Sheet is the ideal material to use to maxmize the unhindered view of artwork and prints. This frame grade acrylic is camera inspected for imperfections through the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standards for the picture framing industry and is half the weight of glass with superior impact-resistance. Crafted with a soft matte finish, it helps minimize glare and reflections, so media can be viewed with ease. This special matte finish shows off your art from almost any angle under typical lighting conditions. Perfect for galleries, museums, retail enviornments, professional spaces, and much more.

  • 91.9% Light transmission
  • Transparent
  • Non-glare surface(one-sided)
  • Lightweight and rigid
  • More impact-resistant than glass
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Easy to glue and machine

Radius Corner Information: Round off the 4 corners of your acrylic non-glare P99 frame grade sheet with our radius/rounded corner option. Select the radius you desire using the drop down menu above. Custom Hole Information: You can choose to add holes to your acrylic non-glare P99 frame grade sheet. After entering your desired number of holes, select from the available hole sizes using the drop down above.
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