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•480° F relative thermal index temperature
•Excellent flexural and tensile properties
•Low moisture absorption
•Good abrasive resistance
•Excellent strength, rigidity and toughness, even at elevated temperatures
•Superior electrical properties
•Exceptional dimensional stability
•Easily machined and fabricated
•Bearing and wear grade offers lower coefficient of friction and improved wear resistance
•Extreme chemical resistance, good mechanical properties
•Low toxicity when exposed to flames

•Bearings and bushings
•Analytical instrumentation
•Pump and valve components
•Piston parts
•Semiconductor wafer handling components
•Compressor plate valves
•Cable insulation
•Medical instruments
•Compressor components and seals
•Aerospace applications and parts
•Chemical process applications

•Medical and pharmaceutical
•Aircraft and aerospace
•Fluid handling
•Electrical and electronics manufacturing
•Automotive and transportation
•Petroleum industry

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