.080" x 24" x 48" (nominal) Clear Extruded Acrylic

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Clear Extruded Acrylic Sheet with nominal dimensions of .080" x 24" x 48". These lightweight, affordably-priced acrylic sheets are project-sized for multiple applications including signage, picture framing, and glazing. Because of its dimensions, these sheets fit into a car, package well, and are sized to ship via FedEx or UPS. Suitable for a variety of projects,  these mini-sheets are competitively priced. This material is easily routed, laser cut, and polishes well. It is suitable both for thermoforming and cementing.

Benefits of Acrylic  

  • Can be cemented or thermoformed 
  • More cost effective than glass
  • 90% or greater light transmission
  • More impact resistant than glass
  • Excellent electrical and UV resistivity
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