1/8" x 24" x 48" (nominal) Clear Extruded Acrylic

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Clear extruded acrylic 24" x 48" x 1/8" thick

Thin, affordably-priced acrylic sheets sized for multiple applications allow you to buy what you need while dissipating waste and the need to store any excess. Pint-sized by comparison, these sheets can be shipped FedEx or UPS and fit into cars eliminating the need to rent or borrow a truck.

Finally, these acrylic sheets are suitable for thermoforming and cementing, laser cut, rout, and polish with ease.


Benefits of Acrylic  

  • Can be cemented or thermoformed 
  • More cost effective than glass
  • 90% or greater light transmission
  • More impact resistant than glass
  • Excellent electrical and UV resistivity
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