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•210° F continuous use temperature
•Superior wear and abrasion resistance
•Easily machined and fabricated
•Outstanding chemical resistance to alkalies and oxidizing agents
•Good impact strength at low temperatures
•Low friction coefficient
•High toughness, strong and stiff
•High dimensional stability
•It can replace metal bearings and bushings
•Many times eliminates need for external lubrication
•FDA compliant grade available
•Glass-filled grades available

•Pistons and valves
•Electrical components
•Wear pads and wear strips
•Sheaves and pulleys
•Feed and timing screws
•Rollers and wheels
•Food product forming dies
•Gears, sprockets, and star wheels
•Scraper blades
•Bushings and bearings
•Pump components

•Food and dairy processing
•Material handling
•Fluid handling
•Electronics manufacturing
•Paper manufacturing
•Textile production

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