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•Extremely high abrasion resistance
•Outstanding impact strength, even at low temperatures
•Extremely low coefficient of friction
•Great chemical resistance
•FDA and USDA accepted
•Broad temperature range ( -450° to + 180° F)
•Little to no moisture absorption
•Noise resistance
•Easy to machine

•Industrial: conveyor guide rails, belt scrapers, chain guides, suspension wear plates, rider plates, idler rollers, guide shoes, wear strips and shoes
•Machined Parts: sprockets, wheels, bearings, component parts, pinion gears, flanged rollers
•Food Processing: plastics food containers, conveyor belt components, other in-home kitchen appliances

•Shipping, handling, and storage industry
•Farm machinery industry
•Packaging machinery industry
•Aeration, chemical, and biological treatment industry
•Forestry industry
•Coal shipping, storage machinery, mining, and preparation

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