5 Common Applications for HDPE Cutting Boards

While high density polyethylene (HDPE) garners high marks as a durable material in many applications,  HDPE cutting boards are popularly known for being used in commercial and restaurant kitchens, but they are not limited to the kitchen. There are many benefits of HDPE cutting boards as compared to other leading materials such as wood and bamboo, which is why HDPE is considered a choice material across many industries. HDPE cutting boards from Acme Plastic are ideal because we specialize in cut-to-size orders that can meet the unique specifications of your needs. Listed below are some chief benefits to using HDPE cutting boards, examples of popular applications, and reasons why it should be a top pick for your next project.

HDPE In Boat Galley
HDPE Cutting Boards and Marine Board are Boating Musts!

HDPE cutting boards are high quality and durable, which is why they are the preferred material when compared to other alternatives such as rubber, bamboo, and wood. Not only is a HDPE cutting board long-lasting, but it also has a smooth, non-slip, and is easy to clean with hot water and soap. HDPE cutting boards don’t dull knives, have superior tensile strength, and are malleable so it can be adjusted to fit the needs of any project. HDPE cutting boards are also resistant to environmental conditions like mold and mildew—thereby making it an ideal material for underground plumbing to water supplies. HDPE cutting boards are also resistant to a wide range of chemicals including solvents, detergents, and cleaning solutions. HDPE cutting boards are optimal for food and beverage containers since they can be easily sterilized by hot water.
HDPE cutting boards are also easily recyclable and corrosion resistant, making them very sustainable and ideal for an extensive number of applications.

Listed below are some of the most prominent applications that HDPE cutting boards are used within and reasons why it’s the absolute best choice for the project at hand.

Food and Beverage Industry Applications

HDPE cutting boards are one of the most popular forms of plastic used in the food and beverage industry. From food storage containers, cheese molds and frozen food molds, HPDE provides the ideal quality material for custom commercial food grade cutting boards. Commercial kitchens and restaurants trust HDPE cutting boards for their textured surface, non-porous surfaces, and acid-resistant features. A HDPE cutting board can be easily machined, welded, and most importantly can easily remove bacteria, odors, and cleaning fluids from its non-porous surface, which is a quality that has contributed to why it is the most widely used food processing plastic material.

Automotive Industry Applications

Another popular industry for HDPE cutting boards is the automotive industry. Within the automotive space, RVs are a notable example of mobile living space that includes a kitchen area that often incorporates HDPE cutting boards into their countertops to make optimal use of the space. Food trucks are restaurants on wheels, having the same needs and standards of a larger food and beverage establishment, but are confined to a tighter area to churn out high-quality, food-safe products. HDPE cutting board material makes for the safest work surface for food trucks and RVs alike  because of their non-porous surfaces and their anti-contamination features—that make food truck purveyors, mobile homeowners, and consumers  trust the provisions being made from these vehicles.

Fishing Industry Applications

An ideal choice for commercial fisheries, on fishing boats or on docks, HDPE cutting board offer non-porous areas for cleaning and preparing baited fish. HDPE cutting board is durable and can withstand the effects of salt water and moisture without rotting or developing mildew, which is crucial for fish that are caught and sold for consumption.

HDPE Cutting Boards
Versatile HDPE Cutting Boards!

Marine Applications

HDPE cutting boards can be specifically tailored to marine applications, also known as marine board. HDPE cutting board material is lower maintenance than wood-based alternatives, it is a good fit for various areas on a boat such as galleys and shared areas.

  • Handles and Hatches: The negative consequences of a broken handle or hatch could be small accessibility impairment or being unable to access the area of your boat can create a safety hazard, which is why it’s important to choose a reliable material when designing these essential safety features on your boat. HDPE cutting board material is strong, resilient, and moisture-resistant, which will help keep it long-lasting.
  • Railings: Railings are critical to ensuring the safety of passengers. Wooden fragments of these rotted structures could cause scratches, or an unexpected break may cause injuries by falling, HDPE cutting board is equipped to withstand the elements and offer stability and durability to your boat’s railings.
  • Outside Cabinets and Furniture: HDPE cutting boards resists debris damage more effectively than wood. While wood can become odorous and plagued with mold and algae, HDPE cutting boards resists odors, rot, and most chips and scratches.
  • Motor Covers: These covers often withstand significant degradation due to the elements. As the protector of your boat’s engine, keeping the cover in exceptional conditions is important for the life of your boat’s motor, which is why using a durable HDPE cutting board is the best choice for this part of your boat’s anatomy.

Storage Sheds Applications

Due to its impact-, mildew-, and moisture-resistance qualities, HDPE cutting board material is an ideal choice for manufacturing storage sheds. It offers more stability and cleanliness when compared to wood alternative and keeps these storage sheds free from insects and mold, the two leading issues for why items inside of sheds can degrade over time.

Final Thoughts

HDPE cutting board material is an excellent choice for a variety of applications across many industries. Unlike other types of materials, HDPE cutting boards are durable, have impressive impact resistance, offer minimal moisture absorption, and provide superior resistance to chemicals and corrosion. These thick, industrial grade cutting boards are also easy to maintain – using hot water and soap to clean. HDPE cutting boards from Acme Plastics can be custom fit to any space, meaning they can be made in any size and shape desired. Contact our team of plastic specialists to learn how you can incorporate HDPE cutting boards into your next project!