6 Benefits of Acrylic Sheet Aquariums

Mother and daughter cleaning acrylic sheet aquarium at home

From retail displays to directional signage, there’s no shortage of things to create with acrylic. And while you might lean towards using the material for your business needs, acrylic can also come in handy for your home—case in point: your aquarium. 

An acrylic sheet aquarium can make a fish lover’s life easier for a multitude of reasons, offering an alternative to the typical glass models. Read on for some of the biggest benefits of choosing an acrylic sheet aquarium.


6 Acrylic Sheet Aquarium Benefits

1. Lightweight

An aquarium made with acrylic sheets is lightweight, making it easier to move for cleaning when needed. 

2. Durable. 

In addition to being lightweight, an acrylic sheet aquarium is highly durable. While it’s half the weight of glass, acrylic has up to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass. Acrylic can crack and fracture, but it’s shatterproof and impact-resistant. That means that even if your acrylic sheet aquarium gets knocked over, your fish—and everything else in it—should remain safe.

3. Better Visibility. 

Of course, you want to be able to view your fish and all of the different décor within your aquarium. With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets, which are clearer than glass because they don’t have a green tint. 

4. Budget-friendly. 

Fish can be expensive, so why not save money on your aquarium? Using sheets of acrylic for your aquarium is more affordable than using glass, leaving you with more money to spend on your fish selection and whatever else you need. 

5. Better Insulation.

An acrylic sheet aquariums insulate up to 5 times better than glass aquariums of the same thickness. If you’re in an especially cold area, you can double the thickness of the acrylic, and as such, the insulation will be doubled as well.

6. Easy Cleaning & Maintenance. 

Cleaning an aquarium is definitely a chore, but maintaining the cleanliness and shine of your  acrylic sheet aquarium is easy. Simply wipe it down with a clean cloth. You can also use products like Novus, which gently cleans acrylic without scratching. Not only does it leave a shine, but it also prevents fogging and repels dust.


H2: Disadvantages of Glass Aquariums 


Glass is a heavy material, which can make it difficult to move your aquarium around when you need to clean it or relocate it for some reason. 

Easy to break

Glass is a highly breakable material, so anything that hits the aquarium has the potential to break it.


If you have a large aquarium, you’ll pay a pretty penny if it’s made of glass.

High reflection

Glass is more reflective than acrylic, making it harder for plants or fish that might be sensitive to light.

Less transparent

While acrylic is clear, glass has a green tint that makes it less transparent for aquariums.

Harder to clean

Glass is more prone to developing algae over time. Although it’s generally harmless for fish and plants, algae gives off an unsightly appearance.

Acme Plastic’s Clear Acrylic Sheets for Aquariums

Overall, aquariums made of acrylic sheets are less expensive, stronger, and offer more transparent viewing of your fish tank. Take a look at our clear cast acrylic sheets and contact our customer service department with any questions.