6 Common Use Cases for Acrylic Clear Blocks

Whether you’re into crafting or looking to make the most out of retail displays, Acme Plastics’ acrylic clear blocks are a versatile and practical option to consider for both personal and professional needs alike. And we offer a variety of popular sizes to accommodate every situation, or we’ll customize acrylic clear blocks to any specifications.

Acme Plastics' Clear Acrylic Blocks
Clear Acrylic Blocks by Acme Plastics


Acrylic is a transparent, petroleum-based thermoplastic made from natural gas and goes by many different names. Technically referred to as Poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA, it’s also known as polyacrylate and more commonly appointed brand names, such as Perspex® and Plexiglas®, which we’re sure you’ve heard before.

Regardless of what you call them, acrylic clear blocks are made from resin that undergoes a chemical reaction changing it from liquid to a hard-wearing solid that’s weather-resistant, easy-to-clean, and allows impressive light transmission. While it resembles glass in clarity, it’s actually 50% lighter at equal thickness and is stronger than its fragile competitor in comparison.

Here, Six Common Uses of Acrylic Clear Blocks:

Arts and Crafts

Perhaps you’re interested in making a scrapbook, constructing your own wedding invitations, or designing hand-made cards. If so, a helpful tip to know is that clear stamps are a must within the crafting community. They’re lightweight, cost-effective and create impeccable color transfer. But the most important thing to note is that they come unmounted, so they’ll need to be adhered onto acrylic clear blocks, which will ensure just the right placement of your chosen motif every time – a perfectionist’s dream come true.


Retail Displays

Acrylic clear blocks are a particularly smart choice for jewelry displays. While acting as small pedestals elevating the luxurious pieces, they also allow light to travel in every direction around the jewelry, which maximizes the gleam of the metal and brilliance of the precious gems and stones.

Instead of using typical wood blocks, knife retailers who feature their product selection within acrylic clear block displays allow for both the handle and blade to be equally visible to customers without them needing to physically touch the merchandise.

Museum Displays

Museums use acrylic clear blocks to showcase ancient artifacts and fossils, even engraving them with information about what exactly they are and where they were discovered. Smaller versions are marked with numbers or letters to identify and differentiate between multiple objects in a single case. Their transparency ensures they’re unobtrusive and don’t take away from the beauty of the display objects.

Picture Frames

A cool alternative to typical picture frames, having photos printed directly onto acrylic clear blocks offers a more dimensional and sculptural feel. Brightly colored photos look great displayed this way because they’ll be enhanced by the light-capturing properties of the acrylic. You can even print a photo onto clear sticker paper and adhere it onto the blocks to make one yourself.


Other than being useful for exactly what their name implies, paperweights are also conversation starters and fun ways to decorate the home and office. Acrylic clear blocks can be engraved with intricate images, uplifting quotes or messages showing appreciation for a job well done, like a work anniversary or participation trophy.

Privacy Windows 

When designed with a textured surface, acrylic clear blocks can be used to create windows that offer privacy while still allowing in plenty of sunlight. They’re a good alternative to glass versions, as acrylic is more lightweight, which prevents needing to make structural modifications during installation. Plus, they’re UV-resistant, making them more energy efficient especially with customizations like triple glazing and sun-blocking tints available.


Order Yours Now

The acrylic clear blocks Acme Plastics offers here are made from high-quality solid clear acrylic material with diamond polished and buffed edges. You can select from a range of different thicknesses and sizes, depending on intended use, and can even request a custom order by contacting us directly.