Commercial Uses for Acrylic Plastic

Plexiglass, also known as acrylic plastic, is a durable, affordable thermoplastic that can be molded into a wide array of shapes and sizes. Because of its versatility, strength, and longevity, it’s an ideal material for a number of different applications, including windows, displays, skylights, and more. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways plexiglass can be used in commercial settings.

Commercial Plexiglass Windows

Acrylic plastic commercial windows

Plexiglass has become a widely adopted material for commercial and residential windows thanks to its staggering 93 percent transparency, high impact resistance, and low manufacturing costs. Plexiglass windows, for example, take advantage of the material’s high impact resistance, offering buildings significantly high impact resistance. On the residential side, plexiglass has been recognized as a widely viable material for windows thanks to its affordable manufacturing costs, lightweight transportation, and easy installations.


plexiglass skylight

For both commercial and residential applications, skylights often prove to be particularly tricky installations. Plexiglass Sheets provide a solution to tricky installations due to the material’s low weight and durability, easy transportation, and flexible molding, cutting, and shaping. Plexiglass is a thermoplastic, allowing the material to remain malleable and dynamic in shape when heated.

Secure Facilities

Plexiglass is essential in a setting where security is of the utmost importance. Thanks to its durability and impact resistance, plexiglass is often used to secure areas like government buildings. ATMS detention centers and other facilities where clarity is necessary, but safety is also paramount.

Retail Displays

Acrylic Plastic Displays

Thanks to low costs and easy manufacturing, plexiglass has proven to be an ideal material for safe, secure, and eye-catching retail displays. From furniture to boxes, shelves to cases; acrylic does it all. Additionally, the wide range of colors; as well as the cast and extruded options, meaning the material can be used for a wide range of custom fabrications to meet specific retail display specifications.

Trade Shows

Because plexiglass is malleable, it can be molded into a wide array of different shapes. This can be essential when creating a trade show display for businesses that want to stand out from their competition. Additionally, the low weight and strength of acrylic plastic make it the perfect material for creating displays that will stand up to wear and tear over time while remaining portable and easily transportable.

Barriers & Shields

Plexiglass sheets are great for fabricating personal barriers and shields as well as splash guards due to its lightweight, optical clarity, and toughness. Whether you work in a school, a bank, or a manufacturing plant, personal protection has never been more needed.

Final Thoughts

There are several different uses for plexiglass, meaning the sky’s the limit for business owners, Whether your next project is focused on commercial windows, or creating the perfect retail display, plexiglass is a dependable, affordable, and durable material that can be used for a wide range of business applications.