The Future of Plastics

The plastics industry is evolving for a sustainable future. Plastic in and of itself isn’t bad. However, due to a societal emphasis on single-use plastic production and a lack of an advanced recycling infrastructure, many controversies have ensued related to plastic waste and pollution. According to, “Despite broad public sentiment that plastic is harmful to the environment, it is proving hard for the global economy to quit producing new plastic products. Unlike other ecologically friendly practices, attempts to eliminate plastics have not been directly helpful to the bottom line of many consumer companies. S&P Global Ratings forecast that plastic packaging is unlikely to be replaced in the near future for many of its current uses, as plastic holds advantages over some alternative packaging options like paper or glass.”  In this blog post we will explore several ways we can educate ourselves about the current state of plastic, integrate recycled plastic products into our daily minutiae, and motivate businesses to consider recycled plastic in their supply chains for a greener future.

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