10 Creative Ways to Use Clear Acrylic Tubes for Crafts

From household items and retail displays to medical devices and more, there are so many uses for clear acrylic tubes. Not only are they versatile, but they are also flexible, durable, and affordable. That means you can also get creative with clear acrylic tubes with some fun craft projects you can easily do at home.


Homemade Windchimes

Place some acrylic tubes—either in different colors or decorate clear ones to your taste—on a wire. You can then insert some chimes into the tubes for one-of-a-kind windchimes.

Arts & Crafts Storage

Acrylic tubing is a great way to keep loose items—like beads, broken crayons, gems, etc.—organized and off the floor. And tubes with flexible sides can also hold paint or clay.

Flower Vase

Looking for a more creative way to display fresh florals? Fill an acrylic tube with water and fill it with some colorful blooms.

Candy Container

If you’ll be displaying a dessert table at a special event, use acrylic tubes to your advantage by filling them with an assortment of candies.

Christmas Ornaments

Create a cute snowman by filling a clear acrylic tube with white iridescent glitter then mix with some water swirling gently to mix the glitter. Top it off with a felt hat and scarf, and a carrot nose constructed out of orange craft foam.

Party Favors

Place small party favors (mini cookies or candies, bath bombs, etc.) in plastic tubing and then decorate with ribbon and tags that match your event’s color scheme.

Herb Holder

Garden growers can store their herbs in clear tubing. Simply print out some labels and keep them in the kitchen within easy reach while cooking.

LED Lights

Bring some color to any room in the house by using clear plastic tubes to house LED lights. From c

Picture Frame

Create a modern picture frame using clear plastic tubes and attach them together in a unique fashion.

Bird Feeder

If you love watching birds, why not display some homemade bird feeders around your backyard? Attach string to clear acrylic tubes and fill them with some bird seed. You can also feel free to decorate the tubes any way you want.

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