10 Places You’ll Find Expanded PVC Foam Board

PVC foam board is an extremely versatile product and is used in several common applications across a variety of popular industries. Due to its easy nature to work with, this material is fabricated and formed using traditional tooling methods and is also capable of accepting screen and digital print on its surface. Available in an array of colors, it is robust for indoor and outdoor use alike, which only adds to its appeal. According to wholesalepos.com, Expanded PVC foam board is a less expensive material to acrylic or dibond, although durable, it can deteriorate quicker than those materials. Ranging in usefulness from signage purposes to beer mats for pubs and bars, expanded PVC foam is truly all around us. Here, 10 unique places you may come across PVC foam board and how it compares to other materials.




Signage: Point-of-purchase (POP)

Expanded PVC foam is lightweight and is easy to print on making it the perfect material for POP signage and displays. According to signs.com “This economical substrate is very receptive to direct digital printing, whether using UV inks, eco-solvent inks, solvent inks, aqueous inks, or other.” It is typically used for both indoor and outdoor signage. Signage made out of PVC foam board can free stand on an easel or be adhered to walls with hook-and-loop closures like Velcro® or be machined with nails like its wood counterpart.

Vinyl Lettering

Perfect for any typeface, another branding choice used by many companies is vinyl lettering made out of PVC foam board specific to their branding. This creative signage choice is ideal for brands that want distinct style made from a flexible, cost-effective material such as expanded PVC foam.

Bus/Car Ceilings

As surprising as this may seem, due to its rigidity and low cost, PVC foam boards are often used on the interior of buses and cars as ceilings. In fact, according to plastics.com, “Now we can make PVC look the same as genuine leather. We can make PVC stronger than leather.” This provides the durability, function, and aesthetic that automobile manufacturers are looking to carry out for half the cost!


Kitchen Cabinets

Another popular use for expanded PVC foam is kitchen cabinets. Thanks to its cost value, PVC foam boards have allowed many folks to upgrade their kitchen for a lower price tag compared to that of its wood counterparts. According to zadinteriors.com, “PVC foam board for kitchen cabinets comes with an array of colors and in ready-to-fit boards, without any additional fixing. These ready-to-fit boards are lightweight and easy to install in your kitchen. You don’t even have to worry about additional laminations or designs to fit them.” This flexible material is also easy to maintain—making it even more popular!

Trade Show Booths

Offering a sleek and professional look, many companies opt to use expanded PVC foam when it comes to designing their trade show booths. A cost-effective option, PVC foam board can be easily fabricated and designed allowing for each booth to be brand-specific. Also, its lightweight material makes it a no-brainer for traveling to and from events!

Partition Walls for Exhibits

Based on its lightweight design, the expanded PVC foam board makes a convenient partition wall for art exhibits. Due to the ever-changing nature and constant rotation of art exhibits, it is important to have a durable and portable choice for set up. Expanded PVC foam is an ideal material for this situation.

Stage Prop Design

Stage prop design is a highly customizable sector as it comes with many challenges. Expanded PVC foam board is a perfect option for creating props and sets for theater because of its durability, color choices, printability, and lightweight characteristics. This allows set designers everywhere to create life size art in a more conducive weight and cost-conscious manner.

Game Changer: Puzzle Mounts and Board Inserts

Although known as a favorite DIY material for school and home project alike, PVC foam board is also an inexpensive backing and organizer. A crafty way to use such a versatile material, expanded PVC foam is perfect for transporting jigsaw puzzles from one space to another or mounting the final projects. PVC foam board can also be used as creative inserts for board games or game trays. These clever game board inserts keep all of the pieces organized and structured and have become a true favorite must-have for gamers everywhere!

Retail Shelves and Fixtures

High quality PVC foam board is an excellent and low-cost alternative for retail shelves and fixtures. Also, easily fabricated and printed upon, PVC foam board shelves and fixtures can be customized to match a store’s existing décor, and due to its low weight, they also offer convenient storage and transport ability.

Photo Mounting

Also known as foam core mounting, photo mounting with expanded PVC foam is a popular technique used to prop up and support photos in frames, posters, and other pictures due to its light weight and high durability, it is a perfect tool to reinforce visual displays.


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