The Sustainable Benefits of Recycled Acrylite® proTerra

Acrylic plastic has many aspects that make it a sustainable material (reusable, shatter-resistant, less energy intensive to create than glass), but is also more difficult to recycle than other plastic counterparts. However, a new stand-out product, Acrylite® proTerra by Röehm now available at Acme Plastics, is made from recycled plastic and provides all the same benefits of acrylic while also being recyclable. In this blog post we will explore the vast number of sustainable benefits that Acrylite® proTerra has to offer and why it is a great choice for your next project or application.


Highly Durable and Safer Choice for Exterior Applications

Acrylite® proTerra is a more durable alternative to other plastics especially when it comes to creating exterior applications. When comparing these Acrylite® sheets to other transparent sheets that are commonly used for roof elements, greenhouses or for noise barriers, it has been proven that Acrylite® proTerra is a top choice material as it contributes to saving resources and preventing CO2 emissions when compared to other leading materials. According to an article on, “Acrylite® proTerra is ideal for a wide range of applications. With its high-gloss finish, lightness and excellent processability, it is an inspiring material for exhibition stands and shop designs as well as for interior design.”

Easy to Recycle

Acrylite® proTerra can help shape a more sustainable future in the world of plastics. This efficient, recycled plastic Acrylite® sheet helps reduce waste with its high durability and unlike other comparable materials it is not hazardous and can be broken down into its original components to create new Acrylite® products—hence helping support the circular economy, avoiding waste, and supporting our planet as a result.

Environmentally Compatible Production

Unlike a majority of popular plastics, Acrylite® proTerra is not harmful to the environment or to the health of its consumers and end users alike. It does not contain harsh chemicals that are acutely toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic. This is a major benefit since many of its plastic counterparts are not as safe, and these Acrylite® sheets are not only highly functional, but also do not contain any substances of high concern, thus making it a great choice plastic all around.

Weather and Aging Resistant

Acrylite® proTerra is a highly functioning acrylic plastic that offers shape and brilliance to a variety of applications. It is durable and protects the elements. It is weather-resistant in that it can withstand hard rain, hail, stormy weather conditions, and is break-resistant so that it can remain intact for years to come. Acrylite® proTerra combines UV protection and transparency, allowing up to 92 percent of light to pass through as well as the visible part of sunlight. It also blocks at least 98 percent of invisible ultraviolet rays making it a natural protectant of the sun.


Health-Risk Free

Acrylite® proTerra products do not contain plasticizers, heavy metal salts or halogens and also are nitrogen compound free. Based on all current scientific knowledge, these Acrylite® sheets do not release relevant quantities of active substances that are toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, and do not emit toxins even if they were to catch fire, which is a huge benefit to its end users as most plastics do have some level of toxicity, consequently putting a person’s health and safety as risk.



Due to its comparable characteristics to durable acrylic glass and its varied uses and applications in multiple industries – construction, healthcare, transportation, automotive, advertising, and more – recycled acrylic is quickly becoming the go-to sustainable material for environmentally conscious companies to make a name for themselves in an eco-conscious culture. As responsibly recycled acrylic becomes readily available to businesses wanting to implement sustainable protocols, it will soon become the material of choice in all industries. Acme Plastics is proud to be leading the effort in offering this cutting edge eco-friendly product to its customers.

Looking to support sustainable actions and interested in using Acrylite® proTerra for your next project or application? Contact our team of acrylic specialists at Acme Plastics to further discuss how we can help you get started.