Polycarbonate Panels: Going Beyond the Greenhouse

When most people think of polycarbonate panels, they often think of greenhouses. It’s one of the most common use cases along with roofing. Surprisingly there are many other unsuspected places that polycarbonate paneling is used. In fact, according to shapeplastics.com, “Due to its tough and impact resistant nature, polycarbonate is perfect for any DIY home project where durability is essential.” Here, we will explore the wide variety of applications and places you may find polycarbonate paneling and why you may consider this versatile material for your next project.



One of the latest trends in backyard fencing is using polycarbonate panels for a modern, sleek look. For DIY doers to architects alike, polycarbonate is favored over other materials, as it is more durable, practically shatter resistant, and cost effective than its competitors. This easy to maintain material is a crowd favorite because it is nearly invisible and provides clear, unobstructed views and a seamless flow that complements any indoor or outdoor space. Polycarbonate panels gives the illusion of more space, making your yard look larger than it is, which adds to any location’s curbside appeal.


According to piedmontplastics.com, “Polycarbonate is another popular material for windows. It weighs much less than glass and has high clarity. Like acrylic, it resists shattering and breakage, even in tough applications.” Polycarbonate panels are also thermoformed, which means it can be shaped into any size to fit necessary spaces. Also, compared to safety class, polycarbonate panels are nearly 250 times more resistant to impact, which is incredibly important when faced with extreme weather conditions. In addition to polycarbonate panels being an excellent choice material for windows in greenhouses, it is also a great choice when remodeling a home, bus shelters, schools, office spaces, and healthcare facilities.

closed clear glass windows of white building

Tile Cover

Stylish and durable, polycarbonate panels make for incredible tile covers. Whether you are putting up a kitchen backsplash or looking to accent a decorative tiled ceiling, polycarbonate panels have the sleek look and strong resistance to get the project done in a brilliant way.

Walkway Covers

Flame-retardant, with a higher amount of heat-resistance than other leading materials, polycarbonate panel walkway covers protect and elevate the look of any outdoor area. Allowing natural light in while weatherproofing outdoor spaces, the sleek look of polycarbonate paneling as a cover to outdoor walkways offers beauty, ease, and comfort to any exterior design.

Museum and Art Gallery

Translucent polycarbonate panels boast a unique and modern look within museums and art galleries, whether it’s used for aesthetic purposes, protect a museum tombstone, gallery label or artwork caption, or simply to create barriers, polycarbonate panels are a prime choice among the museum and art gallery industries, as it is impact resistant and much more practical and cost-effective than its glass counterpart.

inside white building with multicolored paintings

Considering using polycarbonate panels for your next project? Learn more about your options to customize this amazingly versatile material by calling our customer service team today!