How to Cut Corrugated Plastic Roofing (or PVC Roofing)

Whether you’re in the construction industry or a DIY-er in your own home, you want materials that are strong, yet easy to work with on a variety of projects. So it makes sense that corrugated plastic roofing is so popular. Made of polycarbonate thermoplastic polymer material. corrugated plastic roofing boasts an octagonal-wave shape (hence its corrugated look). The flexible, yet durable, material is weather resistant, remaining strong during strong impacts (including wind and hail) and temperatures from -40°F to +270°F. And corrugated plastic roofing won’t degrade or deteriorate over the years, making it a solid investment for any homeowner. While corrugated plastic roofing is easy to install, you will have to cut the sheets to fit your project needs. Not sure where to start? Here is a rundown on how to get the job done.

Materials and Tools Needed to Cut Corrugated Plastic Roofing

Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need, including:
• Workbench
• Pen
• Straight-edge ruler
• Tape measure
The best tool to do the actual cutting is a Stanley knife or a circular saw.

Safety Precautions When Constructing a Corrugated Plastic Roof

Whenever you are working with tools, it is imperative to follow all safety precautions throughout the process. This will keep you—and anything you’re working with—injury-free. The safety measures to follow while cutting corrugated plastic roofs include:
Wearing protective gear. Keep yourself free of injury by donning protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and a dust mask. Make sure you are also dressed appropriately—this isn’t the time to wear shorts and flip-flops. You don’t want any skin exposed in case pieces of plastic fly around.

Set up a dedicated workspace. You want to have space where you can work freely and safely. It should be an area with plenty of room to work and that is free from other distractions.

Best Techniques to Cut Corrugated Plastic

You can use either a Stanley knife or a circular saw to cut corrugated plastic roofing. For both, place the plastic on a flat surface and then measure the length you need to cut. Mark that space with a felt marker, creating a straight line down the sheet. Then, place the sheet over the edge of the flat surface, with the marked line about an inch from the edge. Depending on how much you have to cut, you might need someone to help by holding the sheet in place. Both of you should take all of the above safety precautions. With a Stanley knife, simply use it to cut along the line you have created. If you run into a thicker area of corrugated plastic, then switch to a saw. Whether you switch or start with a saw, you will cut along the line, using your free hand to press the roofing against the flat surface while cutting to minimize the chances of chipping and wandering.
Once you are done cutting, smooth the edges with an emery cloth.


Now that you know how to cut this material, browse Acme’s selection of polycarbonate sheet products, or contact us for a quote.