Tips for Hanging Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are a valuable tool for businesses. For a retail location, they can be used to attract customers and guide visitors around a storefront. With corporate offices, acrylic signs can help employees and clients find their way around a building.

While you want to find the optimal places for your acrylic sign, you also want to be sure to hang them properly so that they look their best and last for years to come. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks on how to hang acrylic signs.

how to hang acrylic signs

How to hang acrylic signs with standoff bolts

Figure out the best location. Before figuring out how to hang acrylic signs, you first need to figure out where you want to hang it. Choose locations that are easy to spot and well lit. You also want to make sure the walls are in good condition and ready to have acrylic signs—or any signage, for that matter—mounted.

Make sure it’s level. Before you start drilling any holes into the wall, position the sign on the wall (if it’s large get someone to help) and use a level to make sure the sides are even.

Mark the drill points. Use a pencil to mark where you will be drilling into the wall. Most acrylic signs come with pre-drilled holes where the standoff screws will be used to secure the sign to the wall. There should be four marks on the wall in each corner.

Drill the anchors into the wall. At each mark, use a drill to place each anchor, making sure they’re flush against the wall.

Separate the standoff cover and bolt. Remove the cover plate from the standoff cover by unscrewing the piece and putting it in a safe place. Then take the base (the hollow section) of the standoff cover and insert a wall screw into each standoff for installation.

Screw the standoff base into each hole. Drill the base into each hold, making sure that base is securely in the wall.

Align your acrylic sign. Line up the sign with the bolts in the wall.

Install the standoff caps. Place a washer on each standoff cap and screw each cap into the four bases. Don’t tighten too much, though, as it can damage the hardware.

Level again. Place your level on the sign to make sure it is straight on the wall.

How to hang acrylic signs without drilling

If you don’t want to make holes in your walls—and the acrylic sign isn’t that large—you could use Command strips to hang your acrylic signs. If the signs are heavier, you can utilize Command hooks. Durable double-sided tape could also work, although it will probably take off some paint when taken off the wall. Just be sure to test any of these methods out to make sure they can hold your acrylic signs securely.