Best Practices for Choosing a Plastics Supplier

Plastic is flexible, literally, and figuratively, providing a wide range of use cases. It can used to keep us safe, such as bullet-resistant shields and eyewear lenses. It can be energy efficient, such as greenhouse panels and UV-resistant acrylic windows. It can used to provide style and function, such as acrylic furniture and retail displays. But no matter what you are using it for, you want plastic to be made from high quality materials from a reputable plastic supplier.

Acme Plastics uses the highest quality materials available to distribute, fabricate, and manufacture products. Then there’s selection, stock, shipping, service, and satisfaction to consider. At Acme Plastics, we are proud to offer all the above—and competitive pricing. Read on to learn more about these best practices that we’ve adhered to as a plastic supplier in the USA since 1943.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Supplier

Customer Satisfaction

Acme Plastics is one of the best vendors that I have ever purchased from online.”– Mike B.

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with my plexiglass order. It was exactly cut to the specs I needed and wonderfully shipped. All arrived intact and unbroken. I will definitely be ordering again in the future.” – Lynn C.

“Thank you for your help with placing my order and making my purchase a very easy one.” – Lillian M.

These are the types of reviews you want to see when choosing a plastic supplier. You want knowledgeable staff that offer superior customer service. At Acme Plastics, that’s something we are proud to offer (as evidenced in the accolades above). From questions on shipping to material selection to fulfilling custom fabrication, we are committed to meeting all of our customers’ needs.

Types of Plastic

There are many different types of plastic, and even more use cases. Below are just a few of the more common plastics we offer as a plastic supplier in the USA:

  • Acrylic (plexiglass signage, displays, furniture, mirrors, shields, picture frames, windows, aquariums, and more)
  • Polycarbonate (eyewear lenses, protective equipment, greenhouse panels)
  • Expanded PVC foam board (signs and displays, prototypes, models, and more)
  • HDPE (detergent containers, milk containers)
  • LDPE (shopping bags)
  • Styrene (toys, cosmetic bags, costume jewelry, CD cases)
  • PET-G or PETE (soft drink bottles, juice containers)
  • Polypropylene (luggage, toys, furniture)
  • Engineering Plastics (ie, ABS, Acetal, Nylon, PVC, etc. Engineering plastics are used when better chemical resistance, impact and mechanical strength are required.)

If you are unsure of what plastic is best for your project, our experienced personnel can help you choose the right one.

Eco-Friendly Plastic

Plastic is a sustainable product when used—and reused—in a responsible fashion. But only some, not all, plastics are recyclable (the number inside the recycling symbols will let you know). What’s more, some plastic is produced with recycled resources. Acrylic and polycarbonate are both thermoplastics so they can be reheated and recycled without a loss in quality. Acme Plastics’ Acrylite proTerra is comprised of approximately 90% reused acrylic glass and boasts the same benefits—clarity, UV resistant, weather resistant—as acrylic and it’s still stronger and lighter than comparable glass products.  There’s also been a boon in plastic building material in construction. That’s because it’s inexpensive to convert plastic into building materials and easy to mold for a recycled use.

Quality of Plastic

Raw materials matter. They result in a plastic meeting required specs, being free from defects, and meeting any regulatory requirements (such as being food-safe, shatter-resistant, or bullet-resistant). Acme Plastics’ high-quality plastics ensure you receive the benefits you look for in products from a plastics supplier: flexural strength, tensile strength, light transmission, UV resistance, wear resistance, and impact resistance.

Bulk Purchase Options

Buying in bulk? You should expect a bulk or wholesale price from a reputable plastics supplier. Acme Plastic’s competitive pricing goes beyond with preferred pricing for customers who purchase high volumes of plastics.


Why should you choose a plastic supplier in the USA? While there are plastic suppliers based around the world, American distributors and fabricators provide many benefits. Shipping is the obvious one if you are ordering within the United States, but adherence to high government standards and the use of the highest quality materials available is what should also sell you on American-made.

Supplier’s Capacity

You want a reliable plastic supplier in the USA that has inventory in-stock and ready to ship (or ready for pick up if you are near one of our locations). Acme Plastics has the resources to support your business whether you are ordering in bulk or for a specific project.

No matter your plastic needs, you need a plastic supplier you can trust. Acme Plastics checks all the boxes for things to consider when choosing a plastic supplier—selection, stock, shipping, service, satisfaction, and competitive prices. Our experienced staff is looking forward to answering any questions you may have regarding our products, online orders, store experiences and more. Contact us today!