Can You Tint Plexiglass?

Acrylic, or plexiglass, is available in a variety of colors and opacities. It can be easily tinted with almost any color by adding a small amount of dye during the manufacturing process. But it is rather difficult to tint plexiglass after it has been produced. Standard window-tinting materials for glass film will not work on plexiglass, so specialized films are required to tint plexiglass sheets.

Can You Tint Plexiglass?

Acrylic can be manufactured in a range of colors and transparencies. It can also be tinted to add subtle tones. But, you can’t use glass film to tint plexiglass. The plastic emits gases that will cause premature peeling of the film as well as cast a purple hue to the tint. Glass film placed on plexiglass will also scratch upon cleaning and damage the material.

The good news is there is a special plexiglass film. UV protection and mirror tinting are two such options of tint that can be applied. However, the application is best left to professionals. 

How to DIY Tinted Plexiglass

We mentioned specialized films that can be applied. But first, we’d like to discuss a few ways that plexiglass can be tinted: 

Spray paint

A simple way to tint plexiglass is to spray paint it. First, you’ll have to sand the surface so the paint will stick to it. You’ll also have to spray a clear coat over the final finish. Pros: it’s an easy DIY to undertake. Cons: The major con is that you’ll lose any transparency of the acrylic plexiglass. 


A tinted adhesive works like a sticker sheet. You simply paste it onto the surface of the plexiglass. Pros: it’s easy to install and easy to customize. Cons: reduces the transparency of the plastic; and if not applied correctly, air bubbles can form.


Tinted plexiglass film offers more than just tint. The film can provide a mirrored reflection, UV protection, glare reduction, and even help control the climate of a space. Pros: Done correctly, it offers the benefits just listed. Cons: It is difficult to DIY. Tinted plexiglass film should really be left to a professional for best results. 

Tinted Plexiglass Uses

Common uses for colored cast acrylic sheets are signage, windows, artistic and architectural applications, POP displays, and even furniture. Here are a few ideas for tinted plexiglass in business and home environments. 

Tinted plexiglass with UV protection:

  • Skylights
  • Greenhouses
  • Sunrooms windows
  • Picture frame glass

Subtle color tints or mirror film:

  • Cabinet door panels and windows
  • Shields and room dividers
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Acrylic pedestals 
  • Tabletop covers
  • Retail signage
  • Message boards
  • Acrylic shelving
  • Coasters

Skip the DIY Tinting With Acme

Can you tint plexiglass? Sure, but there are reasons not to do it yourself. The main reasons include the preparation as it may be difficult to prepare the plastic’s surface without scratching and applying adhesive or film can be challenging and when not done correctly, can result in bubbles. The easiest way? Have Acme Plastic help tint your plexiglass. 

Acme Plastics offers colored cast acrylic sheets in a range of colors, tints, tones, and sizes. They are moisture-resistant and quite impact-resistant despite their lightweight properties. And can be customized—including tinting—by our capable staff. Contact our sales team to discuss your plexiglass tinting needs. We are happy to help.